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Financial & Time Commitment


Countdown to the First Day of Recruitment 2024

2024 Fall Formal Recruitment Schedule


Saturday, October 5

4:45-9:00 p.m.

Sunday, October 6

9:45 a.m.-6:00 p.m.


Wednesday, October 9

4:15-9:40 p.m.

Thursday, October 10

4:15 – 10:30 p.m.


Sunday, October 13

9:45 a.m.- 9:30 p.m.


Monday, October 14

4:45 p.m.-10:00 p.m.


Tuesday, October 15

5:30-10:00 p.m.



Registration is open!


  • Please review the information listed below to complete steps prior to beginning registration under “What you’ll need”.
  • Follow the link above
  • Complete the recruitment registration and pay the registration fee.

What you’ll need:

  • Personal Information (name, email, phone number, emergency contact information, etc.)
  • Academic Information (HS grade point average, UO academic major, etc.)
  • Involvement & Service. A list of the activities participants have been involved in, ways the participant has been a leader, and a list of the service opportunities the participant has participated in.
  • Responses to open-ended questions. Please be detailed as these responses will be available to chapters to review. The following are all the questions in the registration:
    • Participant Introduction: Please use this space to introduce yourself. Please include anything you’d want new people to know about you and be as detailed as you can. (No character limit)
    • Academic Motivation: Please describe what motivates you academically. Are there subjects you enjoy? Why are you pursuing the major you’ve selected? What types of things do you enjoy learning about? (255 character limit)
    • Why are you interested in joining a sorority?: Please indicate why you are interested in joining a sorority. We want to know what you are looking for in the sorority experience. (No character limit)
    • Activity or Involvement: In what ways have you been involved previously? From athletic teams, clubs, art programs, etc. please list all of the activities you have been a part of. (No character limit)
    • Leadership Involvement: In what ways have you been a leader? Please include the title of the activity and what you contributed to that leadership experience. (No character limit)
    • Service and Giving Back: In what ways have you given back to your community? Do you volunteer at a local animal shelter? Organize walks to create awareness about a cause? Please describe the ways in which you have volunteered or provided service to your community. (No character limit)
    • Who is your role model? Why?: This can be a family member, friend, or known personality. We want to know who you look up to and more importantly, why you look up to them. (No character limit)
    • What are you looking forward to most about college? And why?: From joining clubs to attending athletic events, we want to know what you are excited about and why you are looking forward to those experiences. (No character limit)
    • What are three things you are passionate about?:
      What are things you enjoy doing or causes you enjoy supporting? Anything from crafting to sports – we want to know what you are passionate about! (No character limit)
    • What are five words a friend or family member would use to describe you? Why?:
      Please make sure you don’t just tell us five words – we want to know why these words are how your friends and family would describe you! (No character limit)
  • An optional Photo of Participant.
    • Please provide a picture of you doing something you are passionate about. We aren’t looking for a headshot – upload a picture of you playing a sport or instrument, volunteering at your favorite spot, playing with a family pet – something that helps us get to know you!


Above all, we hope that each individual going through the Fall Formal Recruitment process feels comfortable and confident in the outfit they are wearing! You should not feel the need to go out and purchase new item as you should not need anything that your don’t already have. Be authentically yourself and select clothing pieces that are comfortable for you. If you still aren’t sure where to start, here are some quick recommendations for each round:

Introduction Day

Think of picture day at school!

Casual jeans, pants, shorts, or a skirt are appropriate along with comfortable shoes such as sandals and sneakers. you will be doing a lot of walking these two days!

Philanthropy and Service Day

Think of a lunch with friends or a very casual interview!

Sundresses, rompers, pants/jeans with a nice top are all appropriate for this round. Make sure to wear flat shoes because a lot of walking will continue into today!

Membership Experience Day

Compare this day to a nice brunch with your family!

This day is similar to the previous- a nice sundress, romper, or jumpsuit are all appropriate to wear! If you choose to wear heels, we highly recommend you bring an extra pair of flip flops for the walking you’ll be doing in between rounds!

Preference Night

Dress as if you were attending a wedding or graduation!

Cocktail dresses, nice rompers, or jumpsuits are very popular. All colors and patterns are welcomes as well as we encourage you to bring a change of shoes if you decided to match heels with your outfit!

Bid Day

Once you open your bid card and run home to your sisters, you will be given a t-shirt from the chapter to change into! Please wear a shirt that you can easily throw your new one over or change out of. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes such as sneakers and jeans, pants or shorts!


Each chapter has a financial requirement, which is important to take into consideration before registering for Recruitment. Membership fees vary by sorority, but they typically include membership dues, house fees, and room and board if you live in the chapter house. Living in the chapter facility is a good way to decrease cost and often cheaper than many other on and off-campus housing options. Many sororities offer online payment and payment plans. You can anticipate total fees using the projections below.

Living In-House Fees (per academic term, summer not included):

High: $3,600

Average: $3,534

Low: $2,614

Living Out-of-House Fees (per academic term, summer not included):

High: $600

Average: $525

Low: $500

New Member Fees (first academic year):

High: $1,372

Average: $986

Low: $527


At the University of Oregon, the Panhellenic Council functions off of a values-based formal recruitment and follows a mutual selection process. Our Greek community is centered around the values of Scholarship & Learning, Community Service & Philanthropy, Brotherhood & Sisterhood, Leadership Engagement, and Community Engagement. Trained Recruitment Counselors (Rho Gammas), electronic resources, and Fraternity & Sorority Life staff members will be provided and present to help guide you through this decision-making process. Throughout this experience, it’s important to remember to be yourself, know that each chapter is excited to get to know you, and think about which chapter’s values align the most with yours.

The National Panhellenic Conference does not hold a GPA requirement for an individual to participate in the recruitment process at UO. It is a goal for each organization to strive to uphold our FSL value of Scholarship & Learning and maintain a high chapter GPA- one that is higher than the average UO Women’s GPA. Therefore, each chapter must consider an individual’s academic ability to adhere to their own scholastic standards in addition to the University’s. It is highly recommended that women participating in formal recruitment have at or above a 3.0 cumulative high school or college GPA at the time they are seeking membership. It is important to note that meeting the stated minimum requirement does not guarantee membership in an organization, that each chapter’s scholastic standards are unique to their membership, and that grades are only one of the many factors that chapters consider during membership selection. Additionally, failing to meet this minimum does not automatically disqualify you in the process.

o   Green Zone = Your options are not likely limited based on your GPA. (3.2+)

o   Yellow Zone = Your options are more likely to be limited by your GPA. (2.6-3.19).

o   Red Zone = Your options are very likely to be limited based on your GPA. (0-2.59)

Unfortunately, Panhellenic will not refund your payment once your registration fee has been submitted. Only in very specific cases can circumstances be met (Example: you are a student wanting to participate in IFC Recruitment but register for Panhellenic Recruitment instead). If you believe you may have an applicable situation, please contact our office at [email protected].

NO! As a student at the University of Oregon and a potential member of the Panhellenic community, you are held to high scholastic standards. Therefore, please do not under any circumstances skip class in order to participate in recruitment. Class schedules will be established well before recruitment begins and any foreseeable conflicts can be discussed with Panhellenic and your Recruitment Counselors before and during Recruitment Orientation on October 7. If the conflicts are a result of work or other activities, we encourage you to do your best to avoid any predictable schedule conflicts and request to work at different times if possible so that you are able to fully participate in the process.

Yes! Any female registered as a student in Fall 2019 and has not already been initiated into a NPC organization at UO/any other institution is eligible to participate in Fall Formal Recruitment.

If you are already a member of a NPC organization that has a chapter on our campus that you are wishing to join, please refer to your organization’s inter/national website for their specific process of how to do so.

If you are unable to participate in Fall Formal Recruitment but are interested in joining a sorority, you may be elligible to participate in Informal Recruitment, otherwise known as Continuous Open Bidding (COB). The number of chapters participating in Fall, Winter, and/or Spring Informal Recruitment varies year by year and is based on the chapter’s total.

If you participate in Fall Formal Recruitment and remove yourself from the process before signing the MRABA, the binding agreement set forth by the National Panhellenic Conference, then you are able to participate in COB at any time. If you participate in Fall Formal Recruitment, sign the MRABA, and then remove yourself from the process, you are not able to participate in COB nor Formal Recruitment until the following Fall Term (Fall 2020).

Please contact [email protected] to be added to the Interest List. Please provide us with your name, email, phone number, class standing, GPA and legacy info (see “What is a legacy?” below).

The University of Oregon requires all first-year students to live on-campus in a residence hall during their first year of college unless any extenuating circumstances have been previously approved by University Housing. It is a University of Oregon Panhellenic Council Requirement that members of every organization live in their chapter’s facility for two years. It is common for women to live in both their second and third years of college, but many choose to continue into their fourth year.

If you are second, third, or fourth year student going through recruitment and join one of our chapters, it is possible that you may have the opportunity to move into your chapter’s facility immediately depending on your current housing situation and if there is availability for you.

Living with your sisters in your chapter’s facility provides an unforgettable experience and is often cheaper than living in on- or off-campus housing. Each chapter has different requirements for their live-ins, so please reference housing coordinators and ask questions during Fall Formal Recruitment for more details.

A legacy is a woman who has an immediate relative that is a member of a sorority. Every chapter’s standard of a legacy differs but usually, it includes mothers, sisters, grandmas, and sometimes great grandmothers and aunts. Please reference the appropriate organization’s inter/national website for specific information and contact the relevant UO chapter for information regarding possible letters of recommendation/references for legacies.

There is a zero-tolerance hazing policy at the University of Oregon. Any activity that constitutes as hazing is illegal in the state of Oregon and violates the University of Oregon Student Conduct Code, Panhellenic Council Bylaws, and Inter/National Fraternity and Sorority Governing Documents.

The Panhellenic community condemns hazing, as it in no way upholds our values of Scholarship & Learning, Community Service and Philanthropy, Brotherhood & Sisterhood, Leadership Engagement, and Community Awareness.

Recommendation letters are a nice bonus, but not required. UO’s recruitment process does not rely on recommendation letters the way some other recruitment processes may – our chapters see them as great information, but ultimately their personal interactions with the potential are what chapters utilize most.

If you have an alumnae friend writing letters of recommendation for you, they should check with their inter/national organization about how to submit these letters. Letters won’t be mailed to the sorority houses or to the UO Fraternity and Sorority Life office, but are only accepted via the process that each sorority has created for their own members.

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